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Providing leisure, recreational, social, and health related activities for older adults (age 45+) with developmental disabilities year round for a full six hour day

The program is designed specifically for adults looking for retirement alternatives to the world of work or active day programming.  The program design helps seniors age in place and continue to live in community housing. Hope’s Senior Services program is licensed through Community Care Licensing.

The Senior Program provides participants the opportunity to interact, socialize and enjoy educational and recreational activities within their communities.

Services and activities:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Community Outings including typical experiences such as movies, museums, and lunch at local restaurants
  • Direct case management and assessments
  • Hobby Clubs; such as gardening, art, music, and cooking
  • Community resource information and referrals
  • Exercise and health related programming
  • Transportation to local community activities during program hours


The program site is wheelchair accessible and has wheelchair accessible vehicles available for transportation during program hours. Adaptive equipment is available for the individual needs of the program participants. Staff have some competency in sign language.


The program is staffed by professionals trained in recreation and health related fields, with a special interest and commitment to older adults with developmental disabilities.


  • In San Jose: 1555 Parkmoor Avenue. For a map, click here.
  • In Santa Cruz/Aptos: 8056 Valencia St, Aptos. For a map, click here.

Jean - Senior Services

In memory of Our Senior Services Participant Jeannie (1963-2016)

As a participant in our program Jeannie taught us to be positive in the face of adversity. She was the most cheerful ray of sunshine one could ever know. Aptos Senior is honored to have shared in Jeannie’s life and to have supported her in fulfilling her “Bucket List” to come to our program.
Please take the time to share a smile with someone today for Jeannie.

Jeannie was a wonderful woman who joined Hope Services’ Aptos Senior Services in July of 2014. When Jeannie first arrived at our Senior Services, she had difficulty walking without support. Jeannie’s sister let us know that Jeannie had suffered a fall in the past and since then she had been afraid to walk on her own. We recommended that Jeannie use a walker to get around, which was a big success. Without her walker Jeannie would stay in one place for most of the day, but with her walker she was getting around with ease during Senior Services activities and in her community. Her family also shared their appreciation for Jeannie’s new-found independence.

Jeannie, like most of our participants, joined our services to improve her overall quality of life. She was supported with transportation and meaningful opportunities to access her community and increase social inclusion. Her interpersonal relationships improved and she made several friends at the day services, where she was supported in emotional and physical well-being.

With Jeannie’s accomplishments came some awful news: In September of 2014 Jeannie’s sister Barbara informed us that after noticing some coughing she took Jean to the doctor, where an x-ray showed she had lung cancer. Jeannie began chemotherapy right away. In May 2015 Jeannie and her family made the difficult decision to stop all treatment as it was affecting her quality of life.

Jeannie continued to be happy and full of life. By the looks of Jean she was just another lovely lady enjoying our services. Staff at Hope kept communication open with her sister about Jean’s health, and her sister openly communicated with us as well. We were able to provide support for Jeannie and her family and help her enjoy the time she had left.