Senior Services

A variety of opportunities for seniors with developmental disabilities to stay active and to experience an array of retirement alternatives, on site or in their communities.

Seniors having fun

Hope offers senior programs in San Jose and Aptos specifically for adults looking for retirement alternatives to work or active day programming. The program design helps seniors age in place and enjoy opportunities to engage with others throughout the day. We are licensed through the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services.

We provide participants the opportunity to interact, socialize, and enjoy educational and recreational activities within their communities or on site.

Our services and activities help seniors to:

  • Maintain functional daily living skills
  • Improve and maintain personal physical health and wellbeing
  • Expand and maintain self-advocacy skills
  • Expand areas of personal interest and enrichment
  • Increase utilization of other community services for seniors
  • Contribute to the community through volunteer opportunities
  • Maintain and strengthen social skills and belonging
  • Expand and maintain social skills and a sense of belonging


Program sites are wheelchair accessible, with wheelchair-accessible vehicles available for transportation during program hours. Adaptive equipment is available for the individual needs of the program participants.

Service Eligibility

Service eligibility is determined by a regional center. Your Service Coordinator will have information about the opportunity to participate.

Participants Must:

  • Be at least 45 year old and a client of a regional center.
  • Have a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability.
  • Have the ability to participate and benefit from the program.
  • Have the physical capability to participate in the program as certified by the applicant's physician.

More Information

San Jose Program
Sara Grignon
Director, Central District (San Jose, Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill and San Martin)

Aptos Senior Inclusion Center
Mauna Loa Morris
Aptos Senior Services Manager
8056 Valencia St.
Aptos, CA 95003