Mental Health Services

We provide counseling, case management, and psychiatric services to those with a qualifying mental health diagnosis and a developmental disability.

Mental Health Services

Hope Services’ Counseling Center provides mental health services for adults and children, ages five and up, with developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health needs. A multi-disciplinary team provides all services. Initial screening is provided by the Santa Clara County Mental Health Call Center or regional centers (San Andreas Regional Center, Regional Center East Bay, or Golden Gate Regional Center). If the individual meets basic financial eligibility criteria and has a potentially qualifying mental health concern, in addition to a developmental delay, they may be referred to Hope Services.

Hope Services provides initial psychological/psychosocial evaluations to determine whether there is a qualifying mental health diagnosis. Hope Services offers psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services, such as individual, group, and family counseling, behavior therapy, case management, and psychotropic medication management.

Children/adolescents up to age 21 with severe behavioral challenges are sometimes eligible for intensive behavioral services. Behavioral consultation and plan development are available to parents and care providers as methods of effective reward systems to teach individuals how to achieve success in their lives.

Services for Children and Young Adults:

  • Counseling/Behavioral Health Services. Individual and group therapy, case management, rehabilitation counseling, psychiatric consultations with family and child psychiatric physicians, and consultations for parents.
  • Therapeutic Behavioral Service (TBS). For children who have required recent hospitalization, are at risk of hospitalization, or at risk of losing placement. They may qualify for intensive 1:1 behavioral treatment and parental consultation in the home, school, or community.
  • Family Therapy. Educational and support meetings for families, significant others, and providers from board and care homes who serve those with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

Services for Adults:

  • Behavioral Health. Psychotherapy, rehabilitation counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, supportive therapy, behavior therapy, play therapy and other modalities as necessary to assist the individual in controlling symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders.
  • Case Management Services. Assistance in connecting the adult to other community services, consulting with other care providers to ensure quality care, and supporting clients to access housing, as needed.
  • Psychiatric Services. Assessment by a psychiatrist, and medication support services, if warranted. Hope employs nurses to assist clients, families, and care providers.
  • Registered Nurse Services. For individuals and their families.
  • Behavioral Health-Management Groups. To assist individuals with management of health behaviors to promote healthy living and longevity.
  • Family Support and Education. Educational and support meetings for parents, caregivers, significant others, and board and care staff who serve individuals with mental health needs and developmental disabilities.
  • WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Plan) Services. Group experience to prevent crises, promote adaptive behaviors, and develop skills to maintain mental health stability.
  • Autism and Co-occurring Disorders. Treatment for people with autism and co-existing behavioral health problems.

Hope Services has been active in researching more effective treatments for autism and co-occurring mental health disorders. In 2012 Hope’s Mental Health Services completed an innovative report on autism and co-occurring mental health disorders, led by Anna Fernandez, LMFT, which focused on effective ways to identify, assess, and treat psychiatric illnesses that impact individuals who also have autism. Clients involved in the project have been stabilized or have experienced improvements in their social integration. You can read the original report here. In September 2015, Hope’s Mental Health Center presented its updated report to the 10th Congress of the European Society on Mental Health in Intellectual Disability in Firenze, Italy.

Download our Mental Health Services brochure.

Referral Process

If you receive services from a regional center (San Andreas Regional Center, Regional Center East Bay, or Golden Gate Regional Center), ask your Service Coordinator to refer you to the Hope Services Mental Health Center.

If you live in Santa Clara County and have Medi-Cal and no private insurance, call the Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Department at 1-800-704-0900 for a referral.

Service Eligibility

Mental Health Center clients must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a diagnosis of a developmental delay, plus a qualifying mental health diagnosis that significantly impacts community functioning.
  • Meet criteria of medical necessity.
  • Be able to respond to treatment.
  • Meet County financial eligibility criteria, such as Medi-Cal.
    • Individuals who reside in Santa Clara County, have Medi-Cal and without private insurance may contact Santa Clara County Mental Health at 1-800-704-0900.
    • Clients who do not meet financial eligibility may contact their regional center worker for access to some services through vendorized agreements with the regional centers (San Andreas Regional Center, Regional Center East Bay, or Golden Gate Regional Center).

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