Diversity Equity and Inclusion Mission Statement

At Hope Services, we strive to create an environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. We embrace diversity within our team, and we recognize that a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative environment that delivers better results. We are committed to creating a culture of equity, inclusion and respect that promotes individual growth and a sense of value and acceptance for everyone. 

DEI Committee (1)

DEI Vision

At Hope Services, our vision is to continually reflect, inspire and cultivate a sustainable culture valuing wisdom, engagement, and lifelong learning. We continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our community. We are committed to engaging individuals to promote equality, personal choice, dignity and respect for all. 


  • Developed Mission and Vision statements.   
  • Increased marketing efforts related to DEI initiatives.  
  • Developed a membership selection process, including an application, interview questions and a selection committee.  
  • Increased membership from 6 to 24 members and increased diversity within our committee. 
  • Developed and finalized a Committee Charter, which outlines responsibilities, roles, membership teams, membership process, onboarding new members, meeting protocols, norms and agreements, decision-making, and accountability and communication. 
  • Partnered with Inclusion counts, a consulting firm, to assess our progress towards DEI initiatives. Based on this assessment, Inclusion Counts developed an equity report, published in February 2021. 
  • Developed a 3-year strategic plan. 
  • Developed four subcommittees. Members meet monthly to discuss pending tasks and next steps.  
Sub-committee #1: Diverse Staff

Hope Services recognizes that diverse staff representation is essential to meeting the needs of our diverse clients. 

Goal: To recruit, hire and retain culturally competent and diverse staff. Diversity refers to race, ethnicity, gender identity, faith, age, ability, sexual orientation, appearance, socioeconomic class, age and life experience.    

Sub-committee #2: Continued Learning

Hope Services recognizes that staff and clients require strong DEI onboarding & ongoing professional development around diversity, equity & inclusion to respond effectively to bias in every instance, every time and - to ensure staff have clarity, knowledge of how to include diverse perspectives & voice. 

Goal: Increase professional development for Hope Services staff and clients on diversity, equity, inclusion & anti-racism.  

Sub-committee #3: Engagement & Interactions

Hope Services is committed to creating a culture where all people are welcomed, valued, and celebrated - with consideration and appreciation for differences. 

Goal: Create a positive work climate where staff and clients feel valued, celebrated, accepted and affirmed.   

Sub-committee #4: Policies & Systems

Hope Services recognizes that new policies & systems will be necessary to dismantle established systems of inequity and enhance DEI efforts. 

Goal: Develop a broadly adapted, shared commitment to advancing company equity and establishing equitable policies and systems.   

DEI MembersTitles
Aaron Valadez Coordinator Day Program 
Alia Haque Manager
Allison YantQuality Assurance Director
Aundria Abad Training Specialist ll 
Benon Kalisa Manager
Blanca Lara Coordinator Work Program
Shea MarrCommunity Support Facilitator 2
Elvira Ramos-Silva Coordinator Community Living 
Alia Haque Manager
Hayley Malcolm Manager
Jacqueline Lance Coordinator Day Program
Peter WoolhouseLife Coach TDS
Kevin PhippsGrant Writer
Monique JuradoCoordinator Day Program
Abby ArevaloCoordinator Employment Services
Shawn BaileyRetail District Manager
Tara BeckmanChief Program Officer
Kazim AhsanCoordinator Behavioral Health
Jessica GuzmanCoordinator Employment Services
Shea MarrTraining Specialists I
Wendi HendersonCoordinator Day Program
Bryan MiguelSLS Companion
Vicki OsoriaEMCC Seaside CSF
Sophia ChungClinician