Leadership Team

Executive & Business Operations Staff

Charles “Chip” Huggins, JD — President/Chief Executive Officer

Frank Tsai — Interim Chief Financial Officer

Sue Bell — Director of Human Resources

Nivisha Mehta – Vice President of Development

Senior Management & Key Department Staff

Cathy Bouchard – Director, Central District (San Jose)

Suanne Rinta – Director, North District (Mountain View, Santa Clara & Half Moon Bay)

Kristi Alarid – Director, South District (Gilroy, Hollister, Salinas & Seaside)

Gina Jennings – Director, Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, Aptos & Watsonville)

Anna Fernandez – Director, Mental Health

Mitchell Koblis – Director, Facilities

Linda Siino – Director, Community Living Services

Francie Hsu – Controller

Vickey Perkins, MA ECSE – Program Manager, Homestart

Daniel Burns – Manager, Human Resources

Angie Blackwell – Manager, Payroll

Juan Guel – Manager, Senior Center

Valerie Tapay, MPH – Training Manager

Varsha Sethi – Manager, Human Resources – Retail

Mark Gavartin – Manager, Community Employment

Courtney Barry – Executive Assistant to Chip Huggins, CEO

Corie Britton – Executive Assistant, Facilities

Diana Acaccia – Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Jocelyn Brady – Grant Writer

Kevin Phipps – Grant Writer

Ana Melara Glenn – Development Associate, Development


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