Hope Services’ Adult Day Services support individuals with developmental disabilities in their communities through paid work, instructional classes, volunteer work, and personal enrichment activities.  Hope offers Site-Based Day Services, Community-Based Day Services, and a combination of both services.  Specific services may vary across Hope’s six county service area: Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties.  For more information about an individual services, click on the highlighted service name:

Community Access Network

Employment, Media & Community Connections (EMCC) Service

Hope’s new EMCC Service, which will replace our Work Activity Service, offers both community-based and site-based activities, training, classes, and work  to improve the quality of participants’ lives and encourage them to be valuable members of their community.

Site and Community Based Day Services

Hope’s Day Services deliver opportunities for community engagement. Our services include both Site Based Day Services and Community Based Day Services.

Tailored Day Service
Hope’s Tailored Day Service

is a unique opportunity for individuals who are regional center clients to pursue post-secondary education, develop or maintain employment or volunteer opportunities, or to simply increase their ability to lead integrated and inclusive lives in their community.

Derrick - Day Services

Hope’s Site-Based Day Services offer unique opportunities for Hope participants to contribute to the community, learn new skills, and make friends. Derrick is a Hope participant who has attended the Day Services for 12 years. He loves to volunteer at Hope, Horses, and Kids (HHK), a ranch in Monterey County. This local nonprofit helps children with developmental and emotional challenges to build confidence and reach developmental milestones as they learn how to care for, bond with, and ride horses.

Over the past two years, Derrick has flourished. Hope staff have been with Derrick every step of the way, making sure that he can reach his potential.  Read more about Derrick on the Site Based Day Services page.