Hope Donation Truck

Use the online pickup scheduler below to donate clothing, household goods, and small appliances. We also have a separate option below for donating vehicles.

Before you schedule your pickup, please refer to our list of acceptable/unacceptable items (PDF). We DO NOT accept furniture at this time. Hope cannot pick up TVs larger than 21”. View a full list of Hope locations. Please include a label with your donation for Hope Services, so that we know what to pick up. Please let us know if your pickup will be placed at a location other than the curb.

Auto SalesWondering what to do with your old car?

Hope accepts donations of all vehicles, running or not. Free tow away too!

You can donate your vehicles directly to Hope and receive the Fair Market Value of your donation as a tax deduction. It’s so easy. And best of all, proceeds directly provide Hope to so many!

You can email pickups@hopeservices.org or phone (866) 636-6283 with any questions.

Donate Your Car