Amy Funge is one of our amazing Physical Therapists (PT) in the Homestart program! She has been a part of Homestart since 1998 – as she describes it, “back in the day when we needed to have Thomas Guide Mapbooks in our car to get to client homes!”

As a PT, Amy supports Homestart families with their child’s gross motor development – including skills like tummy time, rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking.  PTs may also help a family understand neuro-motor and orthopedic concerns and may help families to advocate for and pursue medical intervention or durable medical equipment like braces, walkers, or wheelchairs when necessary.  

Amy began with Homestart as a contractor covering clients for a therapist who was out on leave.  It was her first experience home visiting with infants and toddlers and their families, and she was very nervous. With time, a baby of her own, and a growing love for the work, Amy became an employee of Homestart and has been one of our valued and exceptionally experienced PTs ever since. 

Amy says that her favorite part of working with families is the joy of being able to witness “firsts” with them – the first time a baby crawls, stands, or walks. “It is so exciting!” She loves having the privilege of supporting and providing education to families so that they feel confident advocating for their child and helping them grow and learn.

Outside of work, Amy loves spending time with her family and enjoys simple moments like going out for ice cream, playing games, and watching movies together. She enjoys reading, the theater, going on hikes with her husband and dog, doing crafts and baking with her two daughters.

Homestart is so lucky to have Amy Funge as part of our staff.  Her strong expertise and caring nature are a gift to the families we serve!

Amy (pictured holding her dog) enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.