Hope Service’s Homestart Program utilizes a transdisciplinary consultative model to best support the children and families we serve. 

What does that mean?! 

It means that we provide a robust team of professionals, including developmental specialists, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a social worker, and nutritionist, each of whom partner to meet the complex needs of our clients. 

Staff provide consultation, support, and training to families, and to each other, to ensure that every family is receiving the most comprehensive services possible to address their child’s needs in a holistic way. 

Each of our providers bring a unique expertise to the table including specialties in sleep, feeding, sensory processing, oral-motor skills, communication, and more. By collaborating with and learning from one another, our providers are willing to look beyond their traditional roles, engaging in a transdisciplinary approach to ensure that the needs of every child and their family are met to the highest degree.

Team members can request a consultation from one another at any time for insight and guidance in a particular area of specialized need. Through this collaboration, the consulting provider is able to share expertise that grows not only the family’s ability to support their child’s development, but every clinician’s ability to provide more comprehensive services.

Physical therapists can learn from speech-language pathologists how to support communication, and developmental specialists can learn from occupational therapists how to support sensory processing, and so on. This approach supports the ultimate goal of providing each child and family with the well-rounded services that they need to support them in reaching their maximal potential and having the best quality of life possible.

Learn more about Hope’s Homestart Program here.