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Homestart and the Story of Junior

Indira was concerned about her son Junior. He was clingy, had frequent temper tantrums, and trouble with speech, fine motor skills, and interacting with others. She brought him to Hope Services in September 2018 for our Homestart Early Intervention program.

He currently receives early intervention twice a month and speech therapy weekly. Vickey Perkins, his Early Interventionist, has provided adaptive feeding and self-care techniques as well as play. As a result, Junior is now a changed little boy. He is playing on his own and interacting with others. He uses his improved motor skills to work on puzzles and interactive toys during his sessions at Hope.

“I am so pleased to see his progress,” Vickey says. “We have worked on skills in a nurturing and safe environment so that he can apply them when he is out in the real world.” Indira is relieved that Junior is more independent and happier. “I encourage others to support Hope so that other kids like Junior will get help when they need it most.”

Homestart Makes a Difference

Our Homestart program currently serves nearly 500 children and their families. 99% of children show improvement, and 100% of families were completely satisfied with Homestart’s services. Your Giving Season donation will help us help more children. Please give what you can.