Sometimes in life, we hurt the ones that mean the most to us, the ones we love and trust.

When that happens it’s important that we try to make amends and get back in good graces with them, that’s a must.

You don’t lose anything by trying to ask for forgiveness, or at least have a conversation with them and maybe even agree to disagree without breaking up your team.

Sometimes admitting that in some aspects you were both wrong or maybe both a little right can be refreshing as it may seem.

Friendship can once in a while seem like a rollercoaster, it goes up and down, it can make you smile and sometimes frown.

But then turn that frown back upside down and once again smile!

Friendship is usually such a wonderful thing cause with a friend all you have to do to get some quality time talking is give that phone a dial!

With a friend, whether in person or on the phone or even texting, just any kind of communication is of value and importance to you both.

Any kind of conversation between two special friends can provide inspirational growth!

So in my conclusion to this very important topic, I just want to say how much, how beautiful, how important and how beneficial friendship really is to life and living!

Friendship is all about love, laughter, important quality time sometimes taking but most importantly giving.

Just remember mistakes happen and take place but it’s important that you both resolve it on the phone, texting or face to face.


Jane is the front office receptionist at Hope Services, who is also a client receiving support at Hope. Jane has many talents, and one of her favorite pastimes is sharing her explorations of life and friendship through poetry.