During the pregnancy Emery’s parents learned that he had Down syndrome. They didn’t know what to expect, or what to do. It was “scary” when Emery would wake up and just do nothing. But once Emery was enrolled in Hope’s Homestart early intervention program, progress was rapid. After just three weeks with Amy, his physical therapist, he was sitting up and responding. He’s learned to crawl, stand up, and is close to walking. His father says: “Hope Services has thought about every possible way to give Emery the best life.”

Homestart serves infants and toddlers, up to five years old, diagnosed with a developmental disability, delay, or deficit, or who are at risk for developmental delay. Our team of specialists uses therapies, education, and partnerships to provide families with the skills they need to help to maximize their child’s development. Currently, Homestart serves over 250 children and their families every year.