Celebrating 70 Years of Hope

A Message from Hope Services President and CEO, Chip Huggins

It is my great pleasure to announce the 70th Anniversary of Hope Services. This incredible milestone calls for collective celebration, along with a retrospective glance at the years that built us.

We know that 70 years ago, the world was a very different place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There were countless inequalities, and for many, very little hope at living an independent and fulfilling life. We can reflect upon a segregated education system, poorly managed institutional housing, grossly unfair workplace wages and conditions, lack of behavioral health services, and an unwelcoming public to the valuable individuals that we serve.

Hope Services emerged decades ago, to bridge this divide and restore hope. It all began with a school of 12 children in South San Jose, established by parents who were committed to providing an education their children deserved but were not yet receiving in public schools.

We have these founding families to thank for the many programs Hope Services has grown to offer our clients today. Their legacy endures in the many staff and families who continue to work collaboratively toward Hope’s mission: to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

Through the passing of federal and local laws, and decades of tireless advocacy by individuals, parents, siblings, friends, caregivers, and agencies, there is greater understanding, more choice, and a growing amount of opportunity for all.

We’ve come a long way since 1952. From a small preschool in South San Jose serving a handful of clients to serving over 3,600 clients spanning 8 counties, Hope Services continues to evolve and over the last decade, we have expanded our services to include behavioral health counseling, addressing a critical need for our community.

Together with each one of you, we will continue on this journey of discovering new and innovative ways to see people with disabilities fully integrated and accepted in all aspects of our culture and community.

As I look forward to the future of this great organization, I know that success is inevitable because of the combined strength of the wonderful people who comprise our staff and partners, and the Board of Directors who guide us. Join me as we celebrate this remarkable milestone together – 70 Years of Hope!


Charles “Chip” Huggins