Hope Services delivers a range of services for people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs for over 3,900 participants and their families, from infants through seniors, Hope provides children’s services (age 0-5); day services; employment and job training; mental health services; senior services; and community living services.

The State of California Regional Centers provide assessment and services to individuals with developmental disabilities as mandated by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act.  Contact a local Regional Center for more information regarding eligibility for Hope’s services. The San Andreas Regional Center serves individuals and their families who reside within Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties, and the Golden Gate Regional Center serves individuals and their families who reside within Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties.

To find out more about the services that Hope delivers, click on the service categories below or email us at info@hopeservices.org.

Information regarding Appeals, Complaints and Comments can be found on the California Department of Developmental Services website.


All Hope Services programs have been approved, as appropriate, by the State of California, the local Regional Center, the County Health Department, and CARF. To obtain these approvals, authorizations and accreditations, Hope must demonstrate high quality service and management.


Program Accreditation & Authorization Assures:

  • Clients served have a choice in services
  • The frequency of your service will be determined by Hope and the Regional Center with your input. If you qualify, Employment services may be funded by the Department of Rehabilitation
  • Services are located at a Hope site, the community, or in your home depending on the service(s) you receive.Client rights are honored
  • Services are needs based
  • Each person served has input to his/her individualized Person Centered Plan
  • Hours of service vary depending on your Person Centered Plan. If you receive Supported Living, you may be supported on a 24/7 basis. Most people, however, receive services Monday-Friday or sometimes on the weekends, depending on the service
  • Check out the remainder of our services within this website to learn about all the services Hope provides

For more information about an individual program, click on the highlighted program name:

Early Intervention Program (Homestart)

Children’s Services

Our Early Intervention Services (Homestart) provides families with the skills necessary to manage the developmental problems their children may experience. These services, which are generally provided in the family home, are individualized to meet each child’s developmental needs.

Community Access Network

Day Services

Hope’s Day Programs deliver opportunities for community engagement. Our programs include both Site Based Day Services and Community Based Day Services, as well as the Community Access Network, which includes functional training in community settings and individualized plans for safety, health, and community contribution – volunteer and/or paid work.

Work Activity Services

Employment Services

Work Activity Services provide paid and non-paid work through contracts with the businesses.  Program participants also receive life skills training and academic enrichment through local adult education and community college staff  training at most Hope Services Work Activity Services sites. Hope also offers specialized job coaching through the Community Employment Program and Project Search.

Counseling Services

Mental Health Services

Hope Services’ Mental Health Services provide counseling and psychiatric services to children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens with a qualifying mental health diagnosis and a developmental disability.

Senior Services

Hope’s Senior Services provide leisure, recreational, social and health related activities for older adults (age 45 up) with developmental disabilities. The program is designed specifically for adults looking for retirement alternatives to the world of work or active day programming.

Community Living Services

Community Living Services

Hope Services provides Community Living Services to assist people with a wide range of developmental disabilities to fully participate in their communities. Hope offers both Supported and Independent Services to individuals based on their desired level of need.