Hope’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

We measure quality of life using these eight domains:

  • Personal development:
    education, personal skills, adaptive behavior
  • Self-determination:
    choices/decision, goals
  • Interpersonal relations:
    social networks, friendships, activities, interactions
  • Social inclusion:
    community integration and participation, roles, supports
  • Rights:
    human respect, dignity, equality, legal, access, due process
  • Emotional well-being:
    safety & security, positive experiences, contentment, stress
  • Physical well-being:
    health and nutrition status, recreation, leisure
  • Material well-being:
    financial status, employment status, housing status, possessions

Long-Term Vision

  • Lead with initiatives that help develop society’s acceptance of people with disabilities and mental health needs.
  • Promote a common understanding that the world is a better place when people with disabilities are fully integrated and accepted in all aspects of our culture.
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