Theodore is a young man with a humorous personality. In his free time, Theodore likes to cook and enjoys helping his mother in the kitchen. Theodore’s other hobbies include drawing, listening to music, puzzles, and board games. One of Theodore’s strengths is his fantastic memory. He can retain many facts about animals, shows, and movies. His favorite superhero character is Iron-man.

Before Theodore joined Hope, he struggled with anxiety and became frustrated when tasks were not completed to his standards. Due to an unstructured schedule, Theodore had difficulties transitioning from activities. He would often exhibit aggressive behaviors both physically and verbally due to his inability to express negative emotions.

When Theodore and his mom began receiving services at Hope, their Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist recommended a daily chores and activities chart to provide much-needed structure to Theodore’s day. He would receive a sticker for every task he completes around the house, and it is now something he looks forward to daily that encourages and rewards positive behaviors.

After three months at Hope Services and working with a treatment team consisting of a Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist, Therapist, Psychiatrist, and Case Manager, Theodore has made significant behavioral progress. He has learned to utilize coping skills such as self-soothing and self-reflection. Theodore has also learned to respect personal boundaries and can now communicate his feelings, needs, and wants. Theodore’s mom shared, “We are very happy with the services we received from Hope. Our therapist is always providing us with ideas and activities to engage and challenge Theodore.”

Theodore recently completed his high school certificate and is now on track to attend the Adult Transition Program at Calero. This program helps him with social skills, living skills, and job opportunites.