Offering a variety of activities designed to engage and stimulate community involvement and participation

Participants in Hope’s Site-Based Day Programs begin and end their day at a Hope site.  These programs offer an array of activities designed to help people with developmental disabilities succeed in the community, and are intended for participants who do not have employment as their primary goal.

Site-based Day Programs Include:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Communication
  • Instructional Classes
  • Community Participation/Service
  • Work Preparation Skills
  • Part-time Work
  • Recreational Activities

Program types:

The Day Activity Program serves people striving to be independent and offers the following:

  • Training in communication, socialization, academics, community skills, vocational training, and recreational leisure
  • Training in the community and on-site at Hope.
  • Individualized weekly schedules of activities tailored to that person’s expressed preferences and interests
  • An initial person-centered planning meeting is conducted with the individual and all significant loved ones to identify the best-matched activities in both of these programs. Outside consultants provide expertise in additional areas, such as speech therapy and sign-language instruction.

The Adult Day Care Program serves people needing assistance in all aspects of daily living. Services include:

  • Assistance with personal care, eating, communication, mobility, etc.
  • A flexible schedule of sensory stimulation, activities of daily living skills, and community integration

Program Hours

The program operates five days a week, Monday through Friday, for five to six hours per day.


Transportation is typically funded through the local Regional Center, and is arranged either through Paratransit (contracted by the local Regional Center), or by taking public transportation or rides from family and friends.

Derrick - Day Services

Hope’s Site-Based Day Services offer unique opportunities for Hope participants to contribute to the community, learn new skills, and make friends. Derrick is a Hope participant who has attended the Day Services for 12 years. He loves to volunteer at Hope, Horses, and Kids (HHK), a ranch in Monterey County. This local nonprofit helps children with developmental and emotional challenges to build confidence and reach developmental milestones as they learn how to care for, bond with, and ride horses.

Over the past two years, Derrick has flourished. Hope staff have been with Derrick every step of the way, making sure that he can reach his potential. One of Derrick’s primary support staff, Devin, was instrumental in setting up the volunteer opportunity at HHK, and has done a tremendous job facilitating the relationships between Derrick and community members who visit the ranch.

Devin has also worked with HHK owner Lori Tuttle to find useful activities for Derrick that contribute to an increase in his circle of friends and incorporate exercise to help maintain his physical health. Derrick has a condition called Prader Willy, which makes it difficult for him to burn calories. He has been able to lose weight by exercising the horses, an activity that he really enjoys. Other activities, like cleaning stalls, and feeding, watering and brushing horses, have helped Derrick develop into a responsible young man.

Derrick takes pride in his accomplishments at HHK, and loves the opportunity to share his knowledge of horse care with his peers. With the assistance of Hope staff, he has even taken a leadership role in training and educating visitors on how each task is completed. His enthusiasm and reliability have made Derrick an important asset to the HHK family.