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Providing tailored opportunities to increase community engagement through work and recreation.

Community participation and interaction is an important component to social stimulation and growth. For individuals with developmental disabilities, these opportunities can be limited. The CAN program provides increased inclusive community membership for each participant. Functional training in community settings and individualized plans for safety, health, and community contribution – volunteer and/or paid work – deliver opportunities for community engagement.

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Community Access Network includes:

  • Support to master practical community and social skills
  • Connections to activities and environments that lead to natural inclusive relationships based
    on common interests
  • Identification of valuable life skills and community activities; support and training for success
  • Work through volunteer or paid employment opportunities

Services and Support:

The program facilitates natural interactions and encourages relationships among individuals with and without disabilities in all environments. Natural supports develop effortlessly as individuals with disabilities become “regulars” at community sites such as the YMCA, the local coffee shop, or the golf range. The staffing ratio is one staff member for every three or four participants; each group is created to match the participants’ preferred activities and required level of support.
Each individual’s weekly schedule of activities is linked to that person’s expressed preferences and interests. An initial person-centered planning meeting is conducted with the individual and their family to identify the life skills and interests and the best-matched activities.

Services Include:

  • Development of individualized plan designed to identify life skills and interests plus barriers to community activities and how to overcome them
  • Training and use of functional community skills and community resources
  • Development of community safety plan
  • Development of healthy living plan
  • Community contribution through work – may include paid work as well as inclusive community volunteer opportunities

The CAN Team:

Our highly trained and professional team works with participants and their support team to create an individualized plan.  Each participant is then matched with other participants and a staff person to maximize integration opportunities.

CAN program participant
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