Providing a range of services and supports to enable an individual to live in health and safety in their own home

Supported Living Services’ staff assists people in:

  • Finding a home of their choice that is typical for persons without disabilities (such as apartments, condominiums and houses), hiring support staff, and becoming the leaseholders or owners of their home so that they can control their own living arrangements
  • Daily living activities, including but not limited to money management, assistance with medical appointments, leisure activities, and domestic skills
  • Participating in their community and becoming valued community members

All service decisions are based on the individual’s preferred lifestyle. Participants receive the supports necessary to access and interface with other support agencies and with the community. Clients also receive emergency support and crisis intervention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Transportation is typically arranged and funded through the local Regional Center. Transportation is arranged either through Paratransit (contracted by the local Regional Center), or staff/Hope vehicles.

Supported Living Services Client

Christa - Supported Living ServicesChrista was the first participant in Hope’s Supported Living Services. She was part of the Coffelt settlement, a class action suit filed by parents whose children lived in State development centers. Christa’s family had requested that she move back to her home community of Santa Clara County and be supported through Hope Services. She has continued to live in her own apartment with Hope’s support for over 20 years.
Christa’s support from Hope focuses on things that matter to her and contribute to her quality-of-life, such as self-determination. Christa makes our own decisions about her home furnishings and likes to decorate. She interviews and makes all the final decisions about who she hires as her roommates and companions. She selects her groceries and helps her roommate determine menus. Christa picks out all of her own clothes.
Hope has also helped Christa improve her social life. She has developed some very close relationships with her staff and stays in touch with her dad. Hope provides Christa with an individualized day service, with a focus on community participation. She has joined clubs and made new friends along the way. She enjoys museums, parks, movies, flea markets, the YMCA, libraries, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and visiting San Francisco. She loves traveling to places like Disneyland and Las Vegas.
Perhaps the greatest stride that Christa has made is in the domain of emotional well-being. Her experiences since she left the development center—including making friends and having control over her life—have brought Christa contentment and peace. She has a circle of friends and support staff, people whom she trusts and values.