After School Program

Providing a safe and healthy after school environment for participants with developmental disabilities.

For many families, finding the right after school program for their kids can be a challenge. For parents with children who have a developmental disability, finding age and developmentally appropriate after school activities can be extremely frustrating. Hope’s Adaptive Skills Training After School Program combines educational and recreational activities in a safe and healthy environment to provide the answer to this search. Hope combines skilled program staff with high school volunteers to provide skill training and support with peer-to-peer mentoring, fostering lasting friendships, and teaching real-world social skills that strive to demonstrate the reciprocal nature needed for true friendships. This unique volunteer program also helps to break down barriers and create a bridge between the participants with developmental disabilities and their non-disabled peers so that when they are at school, the participants with disabilities have a friend who knows them and can advocate for them.

After School Program Activity

AST After School Program Includes:

  • Physical exercise and nutrition
  • Social skills & communication skills
  • Leisure and recreational activities
  • Personal safety
  • Self-advocacy

 Program Hours:

The after-school program operates five days a week from 3:00-6:00 pm year round, although many participants typically attend only two or three days per week.

Typical Activities Include:

  • Sports, such as basketball
  • Self-defense lessons
  • Art projects
  • Performing arts
  • Nutrition
  • Dance
  • Special activities
  • Special guests, such as a reptile party


Transportation is typically funded through the local Regional Center, and is arranged either through Paratransit (contracted by the local Regional Center), or by taking public transportation or rides from family and friends.

After School Program Event
After School Program Participants
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