It’s not every day that one of our own graces the pages of Forbes! Hope Services Board Member, Libo Cao Meyers, has had the opportunity to share her story of disability, perseverance, and success in an inspiring and insightful Forbes feature.
The article, written by Steven Aquino, delves into Libo’s journey as a person with disability, a first-generation immigrant in a new country, an athlete, a mother, and a female executive in the male-dominated world of technology. She also shares about the release of her memoir, Limp Forward, and her advocacy efforts at Hope Services.
We’re profoundly thankful for Libo’s dedication to our cause and for carrying the message of Hope onto such an influential platform. If you’d like to support Libo by purchasing her upcoming book, Limp Forward, visit ✨ Your purchase will also benefit Hope Services, thanks to Libo’s generous pledge to donate all proceeds generated by the Hope community.