Letter From Sarah, Emmett’s Mom

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Friend, it’s great to meet you — my name is Sarah, and I’m writing now about Hope Services, where my toddler, Emmett, receives specialized care for Down Syndrome.

Before we came to Hope Services, I didn’t know where to turn to give Emmett his best chance at life… and I know there are other mothers, fathers, and caretakers feeling the same thing, right now. 

That’s why this match, active right now, is so important to me, and why I’m asking you to renew your support to Hope Services. 

Speaking as a mother who’s been there… who’s felt the alarm of a Down Syndrome diagnosis… who’s felt the grief and confusion about what to do next…  I’m asking you to support Hope Services once again and stand in solidarity with families like mine.

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It doesn’t matter how old your child is when you find out that they’re going to have a disability. First, you experience grief and anxiety. But when that grief wanes, you focus on what you can do to make sure your child has the best life possible. 

It starts with parents like me; we need hope to project onto our children; and that’s what Hope Services has brought into our lives: caring, compassionate interventions that never missed a beat, even as COVID-19 upended other services we relied on.

It’s my most fervent wish that more families receive this type of support — and my friends at Hope Services tell me this match could expand programming to more Northern California counties.

But Friend, that relies on what you do now.

That’s why I’m writing on behalf of families like mine, asking you to once again support this work and be there for families who need you.

Please: Come back while all gifts are doubled, and act on your belief that people with special needs deserve the opportunity to achieve a rich, productive, independent life.

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With all of my gratitude,


Emmett’s Mom
For Hope Services