When Jeanne and Garth’s son Rob was young, they were worried about whether they could find a program that would meet his needs after he aged out of the public-school postsecondary program. Their anxieties grew over time, but while Rob was in his postsecondary program, they learned about a new Hope Services community-based program.

Jeanne and Garth believe Hope has been a good fit because of the program’s flexibility and ability to meet many of Rob’s needs. They cannot imagine how Rob could be spending his adult years productively without Hope’s caring, helpful staff members. Both Jeanne and Garth are confident that, with Hope’s help, Rob can have a good future.

However, they are concerned that Hope may struggle to raise enough money to fund its numerous programs. As a result, Jeanne and Garth have made annual donations and recently designated Hope as a beneficiary in their estate planning documents. They have made lifestyle adjustments so that they can contribute because Hope is much more important than almost any other way that they might spend money. Both Jeanne and Garth derive joy from making contributions to such an important program, and it is deeply gratifying to do so. For more information about Planned Giving, please visit www.hopeservices.org/plannedgiving or email development@hopeservices.org.