Maya first came to Hope Services in 2001. At that time, she was 18 years old seeking career and life skills training. At Hope Services, Maya discovered a richly supportive community and developed life skills which have transformed the way she lives today.

In the beginning, Maya still lived with her parents and needed assistance with certain activities, like crossing the street between Hope’s buildings in downtown San Jose.

“She would always have a friend from program meet her at the intersection, fearful of crossing the road alone in case she fell down and was not able to get back up,” shared Corie Britton, supervisor and Administrative Coordinator.

After living nine years in a group home, Maya now rents her own two bedroom apartment in Campbell, which was purchased by her family to support her dream of independence. With the support of Independent Living Services (ILS) at Hope, Maya now walks confidently to the store by herself and even visits the Campbell farmers market on the weekends.

“I still work with my ILS coach and she’s really helped me grow as a person. When I first started I was really shy. Each year gets better and better,” Maya shared.

Hope Services is proud to employ Maya as one of our front desk receptionists, where she has provided excellent customer service for almost 12 years. She is also a former member of the San Andreas Regional Center’s Board of Directors, and a passionate advocate for others with disabilities.

“Hope Services is a wonderful organization; wonderful advocacy for all special needs and families. It’s a great resource,” Maya said.

Maya is a testament to the impact of Hope’s programs on individuals’ lives as they progress toward greater inclusion and independence.