Homestart staff works with a Homestart family on developmental therapy.

Hope Services has been honored to hold an accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for many years. What began as an accreditation for Hope’s Employment Programs has now expanded to Hope’s Counseling Center and Homestart program.

Agencies receive accreditation if they successfully demonstrate adherence to the CARF Standards, which is determined through a detailed survey and consultation process. Hope recently participated in this process from November 14-16, 2022 and received excellent feedback from the CARF survey team.

In approximately 60 days, we will receive information regarding the length of our accreditation period, as well as additional follow-up on any areas identified during the survey. Overall, the process was an excellent learning experience for all involved and we look forward to reading the full CARF report in the near future.

Hope Services remains committed to promoting the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of service through this consultative accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of the people we serve.


Why did your organization choose CARF accreditation?

Hope’s pursuit of CARF accreditation began as funding requirement from the Regional Center and Department of Developmental Services for our Community Employment programs. However, in 2019, the agency decided to pursue accreditation for our adult and children outpatient services, as well as our Homestart program. Hope also decided to have its Governance policies and procedures reviewed and added to the accreditation list.

CARF helps our organization set and achieve excellent standards and resolve any existing challenges. It also provides accountability as well as evidence to federal, state, and local governments that the quality of services provided by our programs conform to internationally accepted standards.

CARF provides valuable support through consultation, articles, tools, trainings, and conferences.


How has CARF accreditation improved your program outcomes?

CARF accreditation supports improved communication with Hope’s stakeholders and persons served. It also ensures we are person-focused and our services emphasize integrated and individualized services and supports.

CARF accreditation demonstrates Hope’s desire to consistently review and revise policies and procedures in keeping with industry standards so that we are consistently improving.

It also provides resources to maintain the organization in an efficient, cost-effective manner which are based on outcomes and individual satisfaction.


How has CARF accreditation changed the lives of persons served by your organization?

Individuals served benefit from the latest promising practices Hope implements in correspondence with our CARF accreditation. Clients and their families are reassured of Hope’s commitment to excellent service through regular reviews of our programs, facilities, and management which increases trust and overall reputation of the agency. Clients and stakeholders are involved on multiple levels to ensure their input and feedback are integrated, problems addressed, and strengths acknowledged.

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