Holiday Card (5)

Holiday cards for our clients are in the mail, so we are unable to accept new messages. If you missed out, but would still like to support our work, please consider making a donation to our holiday campaign. We need your help to reach our ambitious fundraising goal of $140,000 to ensure the necessary resources to reach more families in need next year.


Dominic is one of our longest-standing clients, having been a student in Hope's founding preschool for children with developmental disabilities in the 1950s. Over the years, Hope Services has helped Dominic overcome challenges with his speech and secure long-term employment. This year, Dominic celebrates one of his biggest milestones yet: 25 years of employment with Specialized Bicycles, Inc., where he finds continued camaraderie, fulfillment, and joy in his work. Dominic routinely wakes at 4:00 AM, takes VTA transport to his worksite, and arrives early enough to enjoy his morning coffee and read the paper before starting his shift. According to Dominic, he won’t be retiring anytime soon. Congratulate Dominic on his achievements in his holiday card!


At three years old, Christian's parents were afraid for his future. His severe anxiety caused him to cry uncontrollably when left alone, creating a ripple effect of challenges for him at home and at school that only worsened without proper care and attention. After discovering Hope Services, Christian has progressed by leaps and bounds working with his therapist, Amanda, at Hope's Counseling Center. One year later, Christian and his parents have developed the tools and coping mechanisms to help Christian overcome the barriers he faced before. He is now back in school, making friends, and seeing success in every sphere of his life. Share a word of support with Christian in his holiday card!

The Hernandez Family

Having one child with Down Syndrome changes everything. When you have two, where do you turn? Meet Cherish and Miguel: parents of three beautiful children. They turned to Hope Services for support with their babies, Myles and Olivia, who were both diagnosed with Down Syndrome. With the support of Hope's early intervention services, Myles grew to hold his head up on his own, and began interacting with other babies. Olivia received services starting at birth and is making strides, scoring ahead of the development curve. The support they received at Hope Services has given Cherish and Miguel greater hope for their children's futures. Share a word of encouragement with Cherish, Miguel, Matthias, Myles, and Olivia in the Hernandez family's holiday card!