Celebrating Black History Month 2023

On behalf of Hope Services’ leadership team and DEI committee, thank you for taking the time this month to shine a light on Black History as we honor, celebrate, and narrate the stories of African Americans.

To understand our progress, we must commit ourselves by making intentional efforts to learn about Black history, how to be a better ally, listen to those directly impacted by systemic issues, and honor the Black leaders and movements whose contributions are reflected in the stories and events that shaped who we are as a culture today, such as the Disabilities Rights Movements and leaders including Johnnie Lace, a disability rights and independent living movement leader.


To read more about “Honoring Black History: Unsung Heroes of the Disability Rights Movement”, please click here.


We realize African American history should not be limited to one month, but celebrated year-round. Our DEI Committee’s Strategic Plan mobilizes us and our leadership team to dialogue about diversity, equity and inclusion throughout or agency and with our clients. To learn more about developmental disabilities programs and more, please visit us at https://www.hopeservices.org/how-we-help/.”

We must demand equity for all – regardless of race, ethnicity, different abilities, sexual orientation, or family composition. We all have the same inalienable rights and working together we can continue to achieve momentous success.  Dialogue about diversity and inclusion continues through the work of the DEI Committee, as well as through discussion topics at staff meetings. We are committed to moving our DEI initiatives forward.

Along with similar events, Black History Month serves as a marker—a time to pause and reflect. That is why we take the time at Hope to educate our staff and clients about the contributions of African Americans. These contributions are reflected in the stories and events that shaped who we are as a culture today.

Below you will find a guide on how to thoughtfully honor Black History Month this year:

  • Watch a documentary
  • Add some podcasts to your queue
  • Read books written by black authors
  • Pick a handful of black leaders throughout history and learn about them
  • Visit a Black or African history museum
  • Learn about Black music history
  • Support Black-owned businesses
  • Do your part to change policy
  • Decorate your office or business
  • Donate to Black-led organizations and nonprofits in your community
  • Attend a Black History month event or parade
  • Be intentional about your language  

For more inspiration, visit the links below:

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Learn more about the initiatives we’re working on to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Hope Services