Thanks to the generosity of our giving community, Hope Services was able to raise $201,922 during our holiday campaign! This means more equipment, staff, and resources available to help additional Hope families in 2021.

We shared this wonderful news with Michele, mother to the Peris quadruplets you have read so much about last month, and she asked us to share this note of appreciation and an update on the status of her little girls with you:

“The Peris Quads are so humbled to have been a part of such a successful Hope Services 2020 campaign. We know now, that we are a part of a very special community of humans who without Hope couldn’t get the services that they so desperately in need of.”

CARLA: Has proven what I have already seen in her personality that she is the social butterfly and wants to make friends with everyone at her new Day Care. She is so full of energy and loves to run and discover all the new toys. Carla has mastered identifying toys and actually giving them to Mom.



LAILA: Since she learned how to walk at around 14-months she has been such a happy baby. She has really found that being upright and chasing after her very active sister Carla is a lot of fun. Laila has also discovered her voice and is very chatty.



LUCIA: My smallest and youngest baby has finally let go of the fence she has been walking along and is a master walker. Lucia is the pro at container play and now does a great job not only taking her toys out of the container but also loudly dropping them back in for clean up. She is also starting to repeat words, which is the only of the 4 girls. Right now her word is “Banana” but mostly sounds like “nana” but its a huge milestone.



MAYA: The big sister has made some amazing strides over the last couple of months. Maya started crawling at around 14 months and loved finally being able to move around the play area with her sisters. Maya has also quickly learned how to pull herself up in her crib and is now a pro at standing. Maya has also made major strides in her eating skills. Although not eating much orally she is so much more open to trying to taste foods on her own. Her favorite things are green beans and pasta with butter and cheese. She has also just transitioned from formula to pureed foods and soon will be off her over night pump feeds. We owe so much of these major milestones to the support and training we get from our Hope team. We cannot wait to see what she does next. Maya is a fighter for sure.


Their story would not have been possible without the support of our donors and I can’t wait to share more success stories with you in 2021.

With gratitude and warm regards,

Charles “Chip” Huggins, JD

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