A message from Hope’s DEI Committee and Leadership Team on MLK Day

On behalf of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee and our leadership team, the Hope Services family, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As we celebrate this very important day, may we be reminded of the efforts he made to encourage people to engage in their communities in a meaningful way, to advocate, improve the lives of others and demonstrate compassion and understanding.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” Dr. King said. To that end, while Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a holiday at Hope Services, it is also a designated day of service. While our offices are closed, we hope that you will take this opportunity to find ways to engage with your community in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.

At Hope Services we strive to live up to the memory of Dr. King as we make efforts to be more inclusive of all clients and employees. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan provides us with a road map to create an inclusive workplace. To help us achieve our objectives, we need the commitment of every employee to understand what we are trying to achieve, to work together and be open to change. We welcome and embrace diversity and are committed to creating a culture of equity that promotes individual growth and acceptance within the agency. Our vision is to continually reflect, inspire and cultivate a sustainable culture that values wisdom, engagement, and life-long learning.

Dr. King’s legacy encourages us to envision a better future and take urgent action to achieve it. In his words, “We must constantly realize that the time is always right to do right.”