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Dignity never goes out of style.

Dignity never goes out of style.

Senior Services

Senior Centers

Established in 1984, the Senior Program provides leisure, recreational, social, and health-related activities for adults ages 45 and up with developmental disabilities. The program is designed specifically for adults looking for retirement alternatives to the world of work or active day programming. More specifically, it offers access to their communities and the opportunity to interact, socialize, and enjoy educational and recreational activities. In addition, the program — licensed by Community Care Licensing — makes it possible for seniors to continue to live in community housing as they age.

Year round, participants enjoy a 6-hour day filled with a wide range of services and activities, including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Community outings to movies, museums, and lunch at local restaurants
  • Direct case management and assessments
  • Hobby clubs (gardening, art, music, cooking, etc.)
  • Community resource information and referrals
  • Exercise and health-related programming
  • Transportation to local community activities during program hours

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What accommodations are available?

    The program site is wheelchair accessible and has wheelchair accessible vehicles available for transportation during program hours. Adaptive equipment is available for the individual needs of the program participants. Staff members have some competency in sign language.

  2. Where are the Senior Centers located?

    • San Jose: 1555 Parkmoor Avenue. View Map
    • Santa Cruz/Aptos: 8056 Valencia Street. View map
  3. Who staffs the Senior Centers?

    The program is staffed by professionals trained in recreation and health related fields, with a special interest and commitment to older adults with developmental disabilities.

  4. How can I enroll a family member or myself in these services?

    Referrals for the program are through the San Andreas Regional Center Service Coordinators.

  5. How can I get more information on your Senior Services?

    Please contact the individuals below for more information.

    San Jose
    Erika Thomas, Senior Services Manager
    Phone: 408.282.0449

    Mauna Loa Morris, Aptos Senior Services Manager
    Phone: 831.662.8708