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Helping people with developmental disabilities
be valued and participating members
of their communities.

Helping people with developmental disabilities <br/>be valued and participating members<br/>of their communities.

Employment & Job Training

If you have a developmental disability, HOPE Services may be able to help you find a job. We offer services across various job-related areas. Depending on your needs and where you live, you may be able to take advantage of any or all of the following services:

  • Job Preparation — Includes classes, resume building, interviewing skills, grooming, interest surveys, etc.
  • Assessment — Gives you time to try different jobs, to learn what interests you, and to learn what support works best for you.
  • Temporary Employment — Temp work is a great way to gain skills, build your resume, and try different types of jobs.
  • Job Placement — Let us help you find the right job for your skills, interests, and needs. We can also provide support for the interview, application, and hiring process, such as getting ready for the job, learning bus routes, and obtaining suitable clothing for work.
  • Follow-Up Support — We're still here to assist you, even after you start your job, from coaching to problem-solving, and we will also follow-up with your employer to help with career growth and future changes in your job.
  • Continuation of Service — As long as you can benefit from HOPE Services, we welcome you to participate in our programs. If you lose your job, you may receive support finding another job or may participate in other programs, depending on funding.

Financial Considerations

All of HOPE's programs are designed to help people with developmental disabilities succeed in the community. Of course, there are financial considerations to help pay for the services we provide. We recommend that you learn more from the resources below:

  1. The starting point for receiving job-related support from HOPE is usually the California State Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).

  2. Some people who receive job-related support from HOPE are also associated with a regional center, such as the San Andreas Regional Center (SARC). If you have a Service Coordinator (Worker, Social Worker) at a regional center, that person can refer you to DOR for job-related services. DOR may then authorize HOPE to support you.
  3. For more information about how we might be able to help you, please contact Director of Employment Services Cathy Bouchard via e-mail or call 408.284.2811.