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Helping people with developmental disabilities
be valued and participating members
of their communities.

Helping people with developmental disabilities <br/>be valued and participating members<br/>of their communities.

Community-Based Day Activity Programs

Community-Based Day Activity Programs help people with a wide range of developmental disabilities to fully participate in the community. The goal of the program is full social inclusion for people with disabilities, regardless of the level of support they may need. Our program accomplishes this by creating networks of support with community members and agencies to facilitate equal access to community resources for individuals with disabilities.

Click here to learn more about our new C.A.N. Program (Community Access Network).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can participate in HOPE's Community-Based Day Activity Programs?

    These programs, which feature 100% community integrated activities in the home community, are an option to help you or your family member who has a developmental disability and meets the following criteria:

    • Is 18 years or older and a client of a regional center
    • Lives in a geographical area served by our programs
    • Enjoys or wishes to be integrated within the home community for daily activities
    • Has the desire to work at least part time or do volunteer work
  2. What services are available and how does the program work?

    The program facilitates natural interactions and encourages relationships among individuals with and without disabilities in all environments. Natural supports develop effortlessly as individuals with disabilities become “regulars” at community sites such as the YMCA, the local coffee shop, or the golfing range. The staffing ratio averages 1 staff for every 3 participants, and each group of 3 is based on the client's preferred activities and level of support they require.

    Each individual's weekly schedule of activities is tailored to that person's expressed preferences and interests. An initial person-centered planning meeting is conducted with the individual and all significant loved ones to identify the best-matched activities.

    There is an intensive pre-planning stage, where natural supports or additional 1:1 staff support may be provided to assure that any and all accommodations needed for success are part of the plan. Outside consultants often provide specific areas of expertise.

    Individuals in this service participate in a variety of activities that may include paid work, volunteer work, recreation/leisure, junior college classes, and independent living skills. One of the key goals is to provide some paid or volunteer work for each participant. In this case, each job is matched to the participant's interests, skills, and level of required support. Many individuals work 2-4 hours a week in groups of 2 or 3, with the support of a HOPE Community Support Facilitator.

  3. What accommodations are available?

    Our facilities and programs follow Americans With Disabilities guidelines for accessibility to ensure full inclusion of all people who use our services and participate in our programs. All efforts are made to accommodate individual's physical, personal care, communication, and behavior support needs.

  4. How do I enroll?

    If you receive services through a regional center, such as San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) or Golden Gate Regional Center, and want to participate in Community-Based Day Activity Programs, you should speak with a Service Coordinator (Worker, Social Worker) who can authorize HOPE to provide services to you or your family member.

  5. Where are HOPE's Community-Based Day Activity Programs offered?

    Currently, these programs are available in San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Half Moon Bay and Monterey County.

  6. How do I get more information?

    The following individuals can provide more information on HOPE's Site Based-Day Activity Programs:

    Cathy Bouchard
    Director of Day Services
    Phone: 408.284.2811

    Monterey County
    George Molano
    Phone: 831.455.4941