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Some see a disability, HOPE sees potential.

Some see a disability, HOPE sees potential.

Children's Services

Established in 1971, Homestart provides families with the skills necessary to manage the developmental problems these children may experience. These services, which are generally provided in the family home, are individualized to meet each child's developmental needs, as well as to support and educate families about community resources. Homestart services include:

  • Comprehensive developmental assessment reports
  • Ongoing developmental monitoring
  • Direct hands-on intervention activities
  • Family/caregiver training and education

  • Community resource information and referrals
  • Emotional support and counseling
  • Spanish translation is available
  • Infant Massage Instruction

.. Their compassion and love for what they do, showed in every question I threw at them, every concern I had and every moment I reached out to them. I continue to be a raving fan of HOPE, because the thought of another mom feeling lost and as hopeless as I was, WITHOUT the benefit of an organization like HOPE SERVICES, makes my heart break.

- Rita H. Alam (mother of Roman)

We are very appreciative to have, backing our efforts, compassionate professionals who wish to use their expertise to help children with special needs and graciously offer support to the families and caregivers of these very special children. They bring us fresh ideas on how we can encourage our son's development through everyday activities.

- Courtney Schipper (Mother of Willem)

Looking back, Lindsey really grow so much with all your help. My shoulder and heart is not as heavy as year ago. Deep appreciation!

- Lucy Wong (mother of Lindsey)

Hope saves lives and make miracles happen. They did for us and Roman is a true example of their courage and hard work. For that, I am truly grateful.

- Rita H. Alam (mother of Roman)

With great help of all the services, my kids are now physically growing bigger and healthier. Emotionally I am healthy and happier, knowing someone understand the situation and what our family dealing with. Knowing that my girl is growing normally and healthily , it is a big relief for me and my husband. I am less worry and with lesser stress. I can see my kids are happier too.

- Lucy Wong (mother of Lindsey)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I look for in order to determine if my child might benefit from a referral for Homestart?

    • Cognitive Delays
    • Medically fragile
    • Neurological disorders
    • Genetic disorders
    • Motor or speech delays
    • Feeding difficulties/failure to thrive

  2. How can my child receive Homestart services? (How to start the process.)

    Evaluation services are available to children with special needs who may be eligible for early intervention services

    Contact your local regional center for further information regarding eligibility.

    • Santa Clara County Residents: San Andreas (SARC) 408-374-9960
    • San Benito County Residents: San Andreas (SARC) 408-846-8805
    • Santa Cruz County Residents: San Andreas (SARC) 831-728-1781

    Homestart also accepts private pay as well as many PPO insurance carriers.

  3. How does the assessment process work?

    First, we recognize that each child and family is unique. Our early intervention specialists will work closely with you, as a team, to reach your child's developmental goals. We assess each child to determine current developmental skill levels, strengths, and needs. We then work with you to establish realistic goals for your child and to create an individualized intervention plan that involves fun, practical, and stimulating activities for the child and your family — we do all we can to meet the needs of your family as a whole.

    Our committed multidisciplinary team of professionals is experienced in working with young children and understands the distinct joys and challenges of parenting a child with special needs. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her fullest potential, while supporting and empowering parents in their role as caregivers.

  4. Where can I receive services?

    Services are provided in the comfort of your family home (or primary day care) — your child's most natural environment. All areas of developmental abilities are assessed: cognitive, language, gross, and fine motor skills, social/emotional, self-help skills, and sensory processing. Occasional group activities are offered to provide opportunities for our families to meet and connect with one another.

  5. What specialty professionals are available to assist me?

    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
    • Developmental Specialists/Early Interventionist
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Speech Therapists
    • Physical Therapists
    • Special Education Teachers
    • Certified Infant Massage Instructors
    • Nutritionist
    • Spanish Interpreters
  6. Watch our Hope Helps Families Video

  7. Whom do I contact for more information or to enroll my child in Homestart?

    Vickey Perkins, MA ECSE, CIMI
    Homestart Program Manager
    HOPE Services
    30 Las Colinas Lane
    San Jose, Ca 95119
    Phone: 408.284.2812